Wednesday, April 14

Glory Days

With 5 games left of the beleagured Leeds managed a credible 1-1 draw with Liverpudians Everton. Credible coz of the attackin football they played...credible coz the Everton keeper Nigel Martyn kept them in the game...and also credible (or is it incredible?) coz a moment of folly...sold Nigel earlier this season after 8 glorious years at Yorkshire.

'God' Nigel was called back in Leeds...was an appropriate moniker...never will i forget Nigel's influential roles and gravity defyin saves durin our 'Glory Years'...from the amazing run back in the 2000/2001 season which took Leeds to the Champion's League Semi-Finals...bustin European giants Barcelona, Lazio, Deportivo La Coruna and Milan (not to mention scarin the livin daylights out of Real Madrid, Besiktas and Anderlecht) the 3-4 years Leeds were genuinely considered Championship contenders...the day Leeds sat proudly atop the English Premier League...lookin down with much disdain and hatred at Scumchester United (BTW....all you Scum fans can lick my crusty butt cheeks)...

It's incredible...lookin at Leeds now...their dire financial position and on-field think that just 3 years ago we were tramplin the Italian and Spanish giants like a crushed can in a compactor...fortunes can take a dip in the bat of an eyelid...but it's the true test of strength and character of the club and its it regionally or globally...that will hold Leeds United matter which league they play...they can be sure i'll be rootin for them...

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