Friday, April 2

Anger Part 1

Im incensed. A blog entry from my dearest editor Patricia shook me up from the bowels of sleepy-dom i was about to enter; in it she made a sly dig at me...and also at the local boys.

Now i dont profess to be a huge fan of Male Chauvinist Pigs or Singaporeans who dont speak English ( read it right)...but when someone attacks men who are educated/street smart (read: me)'s war.

And when someone criticizes men who has not failed to read a single edition of Straits Times for as far back as he can remember (read: me)'s war.

And when someone criticizes men who read/write for leisure (read: me)'s war.

And when someone criticizes men who eats, lives and breathes Pop culture (read: me)'s war.

And lastly...i'll let it slide if someone mocks my Mandarin...but if some 3-eyed, big-haired hick from Alabama (lol...sorry Patricia...that's the first thing that came to my mind) thinks she's gona get away with some caustic imflammatory remarks bout my's war.

Now im not blind...there's been a surge of local women 'lookin West' for the hope of snaggin a Caucasian man...all in the hope of gettin a better local men have been relegated to the 'has beens' department...supposedly less attractive...less fun...less uptight...

I suppose those women have given up all hope of securin a local man...for it seems no matter how privileged a local man is...they cant seem to score...local women are a boon to Caucasian men who want to sow their wild oats in Asia...and bane to single, smart and fun local men who find themselves in a lose-lose situation.

Local women won't look our way. White women think Asians are below them. 'Nuff said.

Let's take...for example...Regular Joe...he's smart, handsome, charmin and intelligent.

But...he's impossible to score a decent date in Singapore because his female Asian counterparts are busy having their Caucasian fetishes serviced.

Wherever you look...supposedly 'richer, funnier, more carin' Caucasian men are datin the local women...what is left for men with the REAL DEAL ?

But this isnt my only gripe...what really pisses me off are the dawg ugly local men who speak NO English troopin off with attractive well heeled women...

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