Monday, March 29

Of Marriage & Men

I had dinner with Stephanie over the weekend. A time for good laughs...catching up with old times...but also a time for self reflection.

Dinner at Dubliner's Irish Pub was a laid back affair...the right amount of drinks and a delicious Shephard's Pie set the mood for a bouyant EPL game between Birmingham City and my beloved Leeds...sadly the final score didnt reflect my enthusiasm...

I was bemoaning to Stephanie bout my single see...Stephanie's happily i figured a lady of her status would be able to figure out my predicament...

Oh...she figured it out in spades...but i digress...i must have turned my hair white just wonderin why women wouldnt wana go out with me...

Apparently i've done something to upset you At my age...the women i date tend to be the marryin kind...and suffice to say...i'm not in a position to marry...cant argue with those women's ovaries though...women on average marry at the age of 25...compared to 27 for men...but that statistic alone befuddles me...i wonder if the scientists have gotten it all wrong...for the stigma of 'needing to procreate' seem to lie in the women!

Why am i...or many men in general...arent in any hurry to marry?

After 25 years of living in this wonderful planet i have noticed a few things...One...Singaporeans cant speak English to save their souls...Two...Nora Jones ala elevator music gets really annoyin after a while...and finally Three...the entire concept of marriage is over rated! Walk along the aisle of 'Self Help' in any major bookshops and you'll stumble across books with prosaic names such as "Idiots guide to True Love" and "What makes you Marryable?" revolutionary! and indeed...awe inspiring! I suppose women must have been walkin along those aisles their entire lives waitin for such books to change their facet of life.

What is it with this aspect of society? We have to get married? What will happen if we dont? Do singles get shunned because they've not taken the leap of faith? Must we conform to the majority and be dictated by a piece of paper? What about couples that love each other, get along, but dont get married? Should they get married? If yes, what are they waitin for?

Maybe they're not waitin at all. Maybe they're secure in themselves that they can lie their entire lives out without this so called certification...which if you ask me as a societal standard sets people up for a little thing most of us have come to know as Divorce. Disagree do you? Let us trace the steps of a fictitious story:

- Girl ages
- Girl is in her late 20s
- Woman sees other women friends with male friends
- Other male friends have secure jobs and are able to buy engagement rings
- Males friends have proposed to most of the woman's friends
- Woman's friends ask "So when are you gettin married?"
- Woman's parents ask "So when are you gettin married?"
- Women askes her boyfriend of 8 months "So when are we gettin married?"
- Boyfriend closes all savings accounts and 'surprises' Woman with marriage proposal
- They get married
- Three years later woman yells "why did i ever marry you?!" as she holds her 2yo daughter in her arms.

Classic case of a Mills and Boons love tale gone awry.

Didn't you get my email?Fact of the matter is if you marry someone...good on yer mate...what you have done is truly commendable and i have respect for you...i know if im ever in a position to make that decision i'd hafta have reached a certain level of personal comfort and lifestyle...Singaporean women just dont let up and are as demandin as our Government goes...

I dont know if i'll ever far as guys go im just about as eligible as Jude Law minus the wealth...will it always be this way? Of coz not...i would love the find someone i can come home to take my crap..listen to my day's woes...and give me a big loving hug...

Until then...for me and all those that are reaching over to the empty portions of their beds...let things fall into place...

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