Thursday, March 25


So here I am reading like I do everyday, and I see an ad for John Kerry, a presidential candidate. Screenshot. Personally, I think that news should be impartial, and the fact that CNN allows political advertising on their news site is despicable. These were just my first thoughts. I went on to consider how much effect the media really has over us. Sure, we can all sit here and say, "The media doesn't affect me." But the very notion of that sentence is ridiculous. That sentence, itself, reveals that the speaker is indeed affected by the media, so much that he cannot stand it. We are all affected by the media, because we all see it. It is in our schools, on our TV's, at our sporting events. I think you get the picture. Ok, back to news networks. Let's say that I own CNN, ok? Let's also put on the table that I am a right wing (or left wing) pansy ass who can't think for himself. I have gross power over the world, because everyone watches/sees CNN, its ridiculous. By letting John Kerry advertise on my site, I am telling the world that I support John Kerry. People will listen to that, because hey, its CNN. Sometime when you are bored, read the same story on several different news networks. You will get a very different take on it each time. You might be asking why right about now, well I'm going to tell you. Because the people who own the networks tell their writers which side of the political asshole we call a system to support. What happened to reporting the facts?

My take? You want biased reporting...go watch USA Fox News..or for local news...just read The Straits want unadulterated news with a fair alot...and understand the systems of the one channel is purely unbiased...

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