Wednesday, February 18

IS Editorial Test results...

Just checked my email...Sharon from IS magazine has gotten back to me's been like 3 weeks? Well it's good and bad news...but either way i look at it i can only profit from's the mail:

'Hi John,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We've been flat out on multiple
clashing deadlines.

I've read through your test. It's a good effort, with good writing and some
fab ideas. You definitely "get" and possess the I-S attitude in spades. Your
persistence in following up on the test (by bugging me) is also an asset.

HOWEVER, I have some issues:

1) Your test was sloppy. We all work under intense deadlines, but everyone
has to deliver clean, clear copy no matter what.

2) Your test is the equivalent of a story brief. You didn't complete
everything required in the brief, ie the story ideas section.

3) You project a certain snarkiness that you may not be aware of. Rubbing
people up the wrong way will not help you, or whoever you work for.

I'm telling you all this because I believe that you have a lot of talent,
but that you also need to know some issues that could potentially be
ingrained problems later on.

As for our intern situation, we STILL have no physical space to speak of, so
mid-April is still the earliest we can take on any new interns.

Give me a call.
Sharon Lim'

Im snarky? just bout the most pleasant and mild mannered person anyone has come gona hafta give her a call soon to iron things out hehe...

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