Monday, January 19

Where did all the taxis go?

Isnt it frustratin when you need a taxi but it just never seems to get its ass over to you? It's one of the greater mysteries in life...taxis in Singapore seemingly go AWOL 60 minutes before the bewitchin hour...and taxi drivers citing all kinds of reasons that would make Wacko Jacko look like child's play...i must offer a suggestion to the Academy of Fine Arts that they draw up a new wait the Oscar's are too dramatic...MTV's just perfect...i can already see next year's MTV Movie Awards...

Ashton Kutcher: "And the nominees for Best Alias and Lies are..."

Demi Moore: "The CIA and Credit Dauphine" (lol)

*loud applause*

Demi Moore: "President Bush and his administration"

*hoots and laughter from the crowd*

Demi Moore: "the ------- (edited) from Singapore..."

*muted and hushed responses.....huh?*

Demi Moore: "Britney Spears"

*loud cheers*

Demi Moore: "And last but not least...Taxi drivers in Singapore"

*loudest cheers and hoots*

Terence had dropped me off along MacPherson after dinner with the boys...i told him it was really close to my place and he needn't drop me at an MRT or somethin...i figured a taxi ride from MacPherson to home wouldnt cost more than $5-$ was GENUINELY was close to 10:30pm when i found myself against a 'let's rush home after a Sunday movie' traffic...taxis were whizzin by me by the dozens...all filled with passengers...i thought "oh well wata hell...i could take a bus's still early...and buses are never packed on a Sunday night."

What an oversight...i totally forgot it WAS a Sunday...and it was SERANGOON ROAD down from where i am...and hundreds of Indian nationals were, too..rushin to get home after a day's out with their pals in Little India...and woohoo...the only bus i could take to get home...on a cool and breezy Sunday night...was 147....

But no...147 was packed like sardines....'people mountain people sea' they call it in mandarin...i had to endure a 20 min stand-at-busstop-for-147 and a hey-is-that-an-empty-taxi-shall-i-run-for-it? moment...

It was close to 10:50 when i realised i was better off walkin TOWARDS my home...taxis were full or allegedly 'hired'...buses were i walked...

And walked...from MacPherson Road...

To... Potong Pasir...along Upper Serangoon...

To Serangoon Central...

It was 11:25pm...and ALL this time...not a single 147 stopped for ONE MEASELY ME...nor was there an empty taxi for ONE TEENY ME...

I never intended to take up drivin in Singapore for obvious reasons...the public transport here is so efficient...perhaps it's time i booked a drivin class....*grumblez*

Thank god there was a direct bus from Serangoon Bus interchange..i managed to catch the last was just bout to leave and i managed to catch the driver's attention...god damn...if i would be another 2KM walk...

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