Tuesday, January 6

Timing and Eurotrip!

2.4km timing yesterday: 13min 10 sec
2.4km timing today: 12min 30 sec

Nono...im not tryin to tell everyone how unfit i am...but the fact is...i shaved 40 seconds off my timing within a day! My IIPT window closes on Jan 31...i have but a little over 3 weeks to shape up and pass it...or i'll be drafted into the dreaded fitness routine....what a bummer...

Speakin of bummer...the usual perv in me was checkin out for some new Kristin Kreuk pix when i stumbled upon a new film she cameoed in....movie's called Eurotrip...turns out Michelle Trachtenberg from Buffy is one of the stars!! OMG!! My favorite woman and a chick from my favorite show in one movie!!! I'm definitely payin to see the movie!! I love the premise...it's very silly...very American Pie...then again the producers of the movie have Road Trip and Old School in the belt...so what can u expect...at least it isnt some Farelly brothers comedy...one thing im lookin out for...Michelle's sexy body!! omg she's hot!!!

Blogger's still being a bitch...i just cant seem to be able to view a random person's blog...it keeps directin me to the blog home page...wtf...

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