Friday, January 9

Sucks to be me...

My TV broke down yesterday...for the spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for the TV addict in me...fed on a diet of late night Star World comedies, action on AXN, MTV and DVDs...not a day goes by without John tunin into his daily dose of pop culture...the first night (yesterday) of non-TV was i had my computer to turn to for my TV-fix...but just over 6 hours ago i found myself pacin up and down the livin area literally WANTING somethin to do or a drug to alleviate the pain in my eyes...NO TV!!! NOooooooooooooo....and to compound matters my brother was usin the computer till can u imagine my torment!?!?!!? What a sigh of relief i breathed when he eventually stood up and headed to bed...I GET TO USE THE COMPUTER!!! NO TV...but the PC is better than none!

The last 2 days has been pretty crazy for me...on my journalistic front i met up with the JUICE writer/editor Wayne for a good chat...i had to tell him my pressin concerns of wantin to write...a small internship pay and bedroomjocks not likin what i intend to do...Wayne cut the chase and dropped the bombshell - JUICE just changed its policy and isnt gona pay their interns...i was writin dreams almost evaporated there and there...i cannot afford to write for free anymore...portfolio buildin aside...i NEED some money to tide me over these months...bills to pay..insuarance to pay off...and food to eat...not to mention my exhorbitant shoppin sprees...if i can afford it lol....

On the way home i gave JUICE a good thought...and decided it wasnt a viable's a good avenue for my portfolio..but as long as they dont pay...i cannot afford to work for them...

Patricia from bedroomjocks went online yesterday's as if God sent her to listen to my worries...sure Patricia isnt happy...well she still isnt...but she mirrored my opinions bout JUICE...but took it a step further...since JUICE and bedroomjocks both cover similar grounds i.e street culture why dont i write for IS?

Ive been givin IS some thought this week..earlier this week Sharon the senior editor spoke to me...i had been wantin to speak to her for over a week..but what with Christmas and NYE...all the parties i could do without when it concerns my career..

And so it is...IS doesnt pay her interns as well...but Patricia highlighted that they cover a more diverse area of entertainment....and it would broaden my writin glad i spoke to one fell swoop she solved half of my worries...i still have to find a way to earn some money...workin for IS is a 10-5+ affair..that leaves me with a good 3-4 hours for money earnin...

On a lighter side..the most amazing revelation...that hot chick with the broken skirt turns out to be someone i know...OMG what a stupid fuck i am...her name's Candice...and we were introduced a year ago while she was interning in MTV while i was there tryin to be a nuisance to the MTV management...thing is she looks SOOOO different!! AND so much hotter lol...

No TV...jobless...pennisless...undecided...and a hot chick i have known all this to be me isnt it?

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