Wednesday, January 7

Print Works

What a dream of writin for the masses with published works finally came true...JUICE magazine has 2 of my articles...a Derrick May and a LOMO camera's so name's in JUICE!! Then the day got perplexin...Patricia from bedroomjocks isn't too happy that ive been writin for other publications...'conflict of interest'...i can understand where she's comin from...but my situation isn't like hers...or anyone else in the brj team...while they're either students, still in NS or workin ive been jobless for almost 6 months...if u include the lazy studyin period ive been jobless AND idling for almost 18 months's kinda sad isnt it? All i wana do is write and improve my burgeonin portfolio and WITH it...find a PAYING JOB...but politics is stoppin me from gettin gona have a good talk with the peeps one of these days...somethin has to give...

On a lighter headin out to purchase a cool 'folder' for my works...i havnt really decided how to print out my's gona cost alot of money in full vivid details...what with all the detailed images and good quality paper...not to mention the ink...

Oh well..just another day...a brand new year...and im not gona let some political gibberish stop me from advancin my career...

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