Thursday, January 29

Of hair and the French government...

I cut my armpit while shavin yesterday. Ouch.

For bout 10 minutes i had to keep my left arm akimbo, while the soap and shampoo ate away at my fresh wound. And let's not forget the running water. Ouch.

Ive never cut my armpits one's entire existence the most common areas of flesh grazing or lacerations normally occur around the elbows/knees/legs poor must have experienced a rude shock when it started to open up...i took a glance at the wound...PINK!!! it was PINK!! It was a genuinely fresh picking...a virgin vessel being cut up for the poor left armpit...

Yes ive been shavin my pubic regions for awhile now...i believe it started early last year...i got REALLY tired of the constant excessive hair one sheds after a shower...and all the unsightly hair gathering at corners of the got really bad as i'd decided to keep my hair long too...and for all you long hair newbies out there...long hair tends to fall out imagine a post-shower sypnosis...strands of long hair...clumped together with some hair from your mons region...and perhaps one or two from your armpit....EWWWWWWW..

Hair plays an important part in one's appearance. Take...for in many other culturally influenced notions on beauty and appearance...the attitude toward body hair varies in different cultures. For example...Cleopatra went great lengths to keep her body hairless and smooth...Other cultures...even not see the point in women shaving...Was it just me or did you see that female runner in the Olympics raising her country's flag and showing her underarm hair at the same time?...And who could forget Julia Roberts's infamous tuft of brown hair stickin out of her pits?...Some women feel that shaving is one of the gender issues regarding beauty...and choose not to make a point against expectations of how to look beautiful...I totally respect that....Women should never be forced into subjugation inspite of the patriachal times we live in.

Speakin of hair and appearances...if any of you have been readin TIME, the Straits Times, a respected international tabloid or even just forum trollin on international forums you will have come across the absolutely preposterous series of legislations the French government have embarked on to bar all 'ostensibly religious symbols' (TIME Feb 2 2004)...the French Education Minister Luc Ferry had said that in addition to the head scarves, yarmulkes and large cruxifixes already set for interdiction, the legislation may also bar turbans, bandannas and even beards....i nearly fell off my chair as i was laughin so hard...

A few months back i would have viewed this as a serious issue...with international security on heightened alert what with 9/11 and the war in Iraq i was sympathetic with the French for tryin its best to pacify religious insurgents or pro-Muslim factions residin in France...but it's very apparent that the French Muslims and Sikhs are more interested in their everyday lives...and choose to play no part in this Islamophobic sentiment...

Thus at this pregnant stage of post-Iraq war...the French government's insistence to weed out a person's decision to wear a head gear or grow facial hair...irregardless of their desire to transform them into a religious truly laughable...the Frenchies' suggestion to a turban is an 'invisible hairnet' one fell shot the government has not only offended the Sikhs, the respect of international leaders, and many would know im a staunch supporter for individual rights and a huge subscriber to the First Ammendment...yet there's nothin i can do to a suggestion or even the passing or such a law that would undermine the world's effort to encourage racial harmony and tolerance...the world has seen enough of hate and nihilism to last a life time...we dont need more ethnic cleansin or religious transgressions.

Let's pray for a better world out there...

And my armpit... *grins*

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