Wednesday, January 28

IS Editorial Test....what a shocker!

It's been an anxious few hours...the IS Magazine Editorial Test is out...and my deadline's 5pm tomorrow...i feel like im gettin my work cut out here...too little time...too much work...

I'd went to Bangkok Bank Building this afternoon for an interview with the Chief Editor of IS Magazine Sharon Lim....she seem pretty haughty...perhaps puttin on airs and was pretty sarcastic...the jobless bloke in me decided to put up with her sardonic behavior and played along with her attitude...perhaps it's all a test...just like the Editorial Test i was informed about..."Im sending you the email the moment you leave the office John..." she said...

To tell you the truth i had absolutely no fuckin idea what the test was all about...i went about on my merry ways throughout the rest of the afternoon...took a slow but comfortable bus ride home...logged on...checked my email...and it hit me....FUCKING HELL...i should have gone home straight away...this Editorial Test is gona take the mickey out of of 11:27pm i daresay im only 20% complete...this is the Editorial Test...

'The following is a test that will help us evaluate some of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Please take some time to go through the questions and, most importantly have fun coming up with interesting and well-crafted arrangements for us. We are looking for canditates with that elusive Asia City attitude; obviously we need solid reporteres but writers must also possess flair and panache while editors should display a keen eye for errors and a sensitivity to stylistic weaknesses.

Good luck.

1. Write a 300-word IS style restaurant review of a place you have been to recently. You should include (average) prices, plus address and phone numbers.

2. Write a 200-word IS style review of a book you have recently read.

3. Write a 150-word IS style review of an album (pop, rock, alternative, classical, soundtrack - you choose) you have recently heard.

4. Find out the following, citing sources:

a. How much it costs to throw a wedding banquet for 500 guests at a hotel of your choice.

b. How much it costs to organize a paintball fight and where you can do it.

c. The ingredients for A Slow Comfortable Screw Against The Wall.

d. How many tourists came here in 2001?

e. Flights (airlines, frequency, ticket prices and package deals), accomodation (high, medium and low end), visa requirements, currency conversations and weather information for a traveler going to the Maldives.

5. Given a weekend and a friend visiting Singapore for the very first time, please draw up the perfect three-day itinery.

6. Come up with five story ideas, three for IS and two for WHERE. You should include a dummy headline, subhead and a brief outline for each - five sentences will do nicely. Finally, give some suggestions about packaging the text with illustraions or photographs.'

The test isnt really difficult...i could easily write those reviews in an hour...and go online for's just that...some of the tests require me to head out...such as the restaurant review...i simply cannot remember the last time i went to a GOOD restaurant...i would have to head out for an early lunch tomorrow for the review...and also pickin up a copy of this month's IS and WHERE...i have absofuckinglutely no idea how WHERE is formatted...i would have to do a quick scan...before sendin out the answers for the test before 5pm...

A long day ahead....

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