Monday, January 5

Conversations with friends...

I just spent the last 2 hours doin what every online nerd (OMG im a nerd...) would do - trawlin Friendster and checkin out my friends' profiles...writin them testimonials and sendin out msgs to a couple of beautiful girls whom i bumped into durin the busy New Year period..strangely enough ive lost their number over these years...but i gota tell ya it's great seein them again...i tell ya...when u've not met someone for years...the questions people's a 'rinse-and-repeat' formula...noone has written a book bout it...yet strangely enough everyone has rehearsed, practiced and used it to the death...a conversation between 2 old friends who've lost contact with each other would go somethin like this:

A: "Hey!! OMG...XXXXXXX it's you!! How are u?!"

B: *either takin awhile to register A's face or recognisin the face immediately*
"HEY!!! YYYYYYYYY omg how are u!!! Fancy seein u here!!"

(A and B both hug..and dependin on how poser they are...proceed to do the Western 'left cheek kiss right cheek kiss' procedure...)

A and B: "How are you?? What's goin on?"

(Dependin on how busy they are at this moment, one of them would be distracted by their friends...if not the conversation goes on..and...realisin they're both talkin at the same time...)

A: "You first..."

B: "I just graduated from XXXXXXXX/ Im workin as a XXXXXXX in XXXXXXXXX company but the pay sucks and the boss is a leerin peepin Tom and my colleagues have bad breath and the cleaner farts all the time.....but enough bout me how bout u??"

A: "Im currently jobless/I just got married to the son\daugher of a diamond tycoon/I just got retrenched/I just got back from Timbuctoo/I just found out my husband\wife is a gay/My boyfriend\girlfriend cheated on me... life sucks and the weather here is a bitch and PAP is a laughin stock in the international front...but enough bout me what are u doin here? Who are u with?"

B: "OMG u just are jobless/just got married to the son\daughter of a diamond tycoon/just got retrenched/just got back from Timbuctoo/your husband\wife is a gay/your boyfriend\girlfriend cheated on you? What happened? Tell me more!!! Let's have a drink...leme introduce u to my friends!!! OMG they simply have to meet you...we have so much to catch up on A....wait...geme your cellphone number!!!"

A: "Wow slow down Chuckles where's the fire mate? One at a time..."

(At this point one of them SIMPLY has to go...purely because the BOOK OF LONG LOST FRIENDS WHO HAVE NOT MET IN YEARS does not go any further...coz it has only 1 chapter...)

A/B: I have to go...Under One Roof has been nominated for an Emmy in the 'Best Foreign Comedy' and im the reporter/ PM Goh has decided to extend his minister term for another 4 years and im his bitch coverin the press conference/snow was sighted in Changi and i dont wana miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see snow coz im a loser and i'll never get to see snow...

And so it's weird how abrupt a meetin between 2 long lost souls ends...and to think just a minute ago they were so excited to see each other...friends come and's the friends whom u keep in touch with often that stays...and they're the ones who you'll invite for your weddings...but who's to say that one of your spouse's relatives is actually another friend you've not seen for years? For all you know...u may need to refer to the BOOK OF LONG LOST FRIENDS WHO HAVE NOT MET IN YEARS again...

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