Wednesday, December 31

The Game - Tease, Foreplay and The Act

The doorbell rang. I could see him through the glass panes of my front door. He was standing there, shivering,a bottle of wine wrapped tucked underneath his left arm. I opened the door and let him in. He thrusted the bottle at me, leaned forward to give me a kiss which was a slightly painful bump of his cheekbone against mine.
To keep him calm, I kept my movements slow and deliberate. I took his coat and hung it on the banister. I walked over to the kitchen table and told him to sit while I went ahead and opened the wine bottle.
He sat at the table, with his arms crossed, looking around everywhere but at me. There was no expression on his face except for the tight lips. All right, I thought, perhaps a glass of wine would help loosen him up a little.
Brought the opened bottle and the glasses over to the table and sat down, crossing my legs, resting one elbow on the table. He quickly grabbed the bottle and poured for both of us, sloshing the wine only slightly.
I proceeded to show him how to play backgammon. Of course, the first game we played, he lost.
I smiled and told him that each time he lost, he would have to do something for me.
In this instance, I ordered him to unzip and pull out his cock. He stared at me for a few seconds, as if to determine if I was being serious. I stared back at him. He then fumbled to unzip and pull out his member.
We played another round. He was so flustered that he lost again. I raised an eyebrow at him and smiled. I could see his adam's apple rappeled up and then down his throat.
Pull down your pants, I told him.
This time, he didn't hesitate. In a matter of seconds, his jeans were now around his ankles. He looked at me to see if I approved. I deliberately took my time to take in the view. I didn't not smile knowing that this would make him more nervous and unsettled.
We played another round. This time I lost.
His eyes widened at the realization, unsure of what will happen now. I rested my foot, encased on a knee high boot on the edge of the chair between his knees and lightly rested it against his genitals. The black skirt I was wearing naturally slid down my raised thigh and he learns that my sheer black pantyhose reached only to the top of my thighs. His mouth fell ajar a little. He tried very hard not to be lascivious while casting furtive glances to see the rest of me. His hands moved forward to touch the leather but just before they did, I snapped my fingers and gave a warning shake of my head. He let his hands fall to his sides. But his cock was beginning to thicken and harden.
We played another round. Each time he landed on one of my men and took it out, I pressed my foot a little harder against him and let my leg that was raised lean a little to show more of myself to him. At this time, his hands were beginning to shake, he would forget what moves he just made on the board. His cock was hard as rock and standing at full attention. He poured himself another glass and quickly gulped it down without asking first if I would like mine refilled. I frowned and this time pressed my foot so hard against him that his chair slid back a little.
He looked at me in shock. I let my foot bat around his cock a little and studied his reaction. His eyes were closed, his head tilted back and his hands were tightening into frustrated fists. I snapped my fingers and ordered him to look at me. He opened his eyes quickly and stared. While our eyes were locked, I learned forward, took off my boot, brought my foot back in between his legs and began to massage him, first by sliding it under his balls and stroking then moved upwards to slide up and down his cock that was so hard it was angrily red.
I told him it was our final round. He looked at me as if he couldn't believe how I could be so unmerciful, how I could torture him like this.
I smiled and told him to roll. He did so, but so clumsily that one of the dice fell on the floor in front of my chair. I removed my foot so that he could lean forward to pick up the dice. As he did so, I pushed my chair forward so that his head would be right between my knees. He slowly raised his head up but I stopped him by tightening my thighs around his head. He froze, not sure what he would be allowed to do at this point. I placed my hand on the back of his head and pulled him closer until he was under my skirt and I could feel his breath warming me up. I let him stay like this for a minute, suspended, enjoying the control I had over him.
I ordered him to pull off my panties with his teeth and tongue.
He did so by first sliding his tongue underneath the edge of the panties wherever he could reach. Without being aware, I had let my legs open as wide as they could and inched just a little closer to him. I could feel my clit beginning to swell up, I could feel my wetness thoroughly soaking the panties and the pit of intense heat growing in my torso. Then gently, with his teeth, he gripped the top edge of my panties and began to tug. I raised my hips a little to assist him. He pulled until my panties were down around my ankles. He then grabbed my ankles, brought them tightly together and raised them up so that my view of him was blocked except for his hands that were tightly holding my ankles.
He would blow on me so that after each breath, I would feel icy cool. Just when I was beginning to shiver a little, then that is when I felt his hot wet tongue dive in with a near ferocity that nearly made me fall off my chair. I tried to bring my ankles down so that I could see him but he held firm, pinning me down with his tongue that seemed to grow ever longer and thicker to monstrous proportions.
At this point, I had no choice but to hand over control to him.

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