Wednesday, November 5

SLEEPLESS IN SINGA-TLE (i wished it was Seattle)

I cant believe this....i intended to take a nap at that's what i did...but i woke up to the cooling night light of 3am..3AM!!! WTF!!! That's not a nap!! Anyway i had a very late dinner...which had turned cold and kinda lame...cold dinner tastes terrible...dont ever ever ever have cold dinner...especially if it has any potatoes in it....ewwwww.....neways my irritation at wastin the entire evenin was immediately replaced by i find my contributions for bedroomjocks are finally posted on the net!!! Woot!! My very own work!! On the internet!! How fuckin cool is that!!! Im still bloody hopeless at findin a job...i intend to make this period of 'inactivity' and 'prolonged self-preservation' to my heart's seriously thinkin of doin a review of Buffy the Vampire now it's 7's gona take lots of work...but a Buffy fan like i's the passion that'll drive me to finish at least the first episode of season 1...

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