Monday, March 6


The Beautiful

Samantha. The name is of Aramaic origin. It has several definitions: 'Listener of God', 'Listens well', 'Feminine equivalent of Samuel', 'told by God' or 'name of God.'

I've had Samantha comin up to me today. Her disposition suggests that im about to be berated for somethin ive done. Last i checked, we left on good terms and if blood sacrifices were the norm in our society these days we'd have been brothers and sisters.

But not today. Samantha was brimmin with sulfur. She stood in front of me. Her perfume sifted through my nostrils. The fragrance of her hair was vaguely detectable. Her freckles looked strangely homicidal when she twitched her nose. Arms akimbo, she began to question my liberal use of her name on Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit. She has taken umbrage with my choice of word use. Samantha, according to her, is a verb and not a noun.

Samantha, i like, i said.

Samantha, i abhor, she quipped.

I like the name Samantha. As a shoddy and pre-pubescent 8yo boy my first crush Samantha was this tall chick 3 years my senior who'd charm me with tidbits and primary school boy stories. As a high school reject i'd yearn for a kiss from Samantha. She was the popular girl who's the object of the thinkin man's affection and spent many happy nights in my R.E.M.

As a young adult Samantha was an attractive friend who shared dirty secrets with her pill-poppin boyfriend and 5-inch penis. She made me laugh so hard. I wished we had dated.

As an overaged international student Samantha is my lovable sister i wished i had. Her girlish charms and easy goin ways make for a good relationship that'll put even couples to shame. I love her. Name and all.

"Your name is what not you are,
For it is ya actions that makes or breaks,
When in doubt do not look far,
As a blessed way your life takes."

For that matter i'll always spell Samantha out whole. S-A-M-A-N-T-H-A. Just the way it is.

That ok with you Sam (sic)?

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