Saturday, March 4

RMIT Orientation 2006

The Outrageous

No self-respectin university would start the first week of uni without some kind of cheap ass 'free for all' fair where everythin guessed we're still payin for our union fees so we jolly damn well deserve some freebies...good to see our money being spent on fuckin somethin...

It's been pretty busy for me...i had volunteered this year as a RMIT Tour Host and a 'O' Crew...that meant a week of leadin batches of Freshmen in a leash around the campus ("And that's the toilet to your left...always dispose of your needles in there...the library is to your right...only nerds come here") and cookin/servin food for poor university students...sounds like a good reason to waste your first week of uni...pfft...

Volunteers gettin busy at the barbie

People will do anythin for free food

This bloke's tryin to sell tickets for the Business Orientation Night...with looks like that he could sell anythin...

ANZ girls! Aye yae yae yae yae!

Dont know what they're on about...the Horror Club? Or does the Center for Freaks and Retards need new members?

Thanks to Luke...the event went smoothly. May the Force be with you too.

Mommy...someone used the four-letter word!

Mommy...there's the four-letter word again!

It's a hell lot quieter on Friday...the campus was almost deserted save for the odd group of students...i even had some franks for meself.

That's right folks...size really does matter

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