Sunday, March 5

Let's Talk Tasmania Day 5 - To The Bay With Love

The Misfit

I remember sittin in Melbourne Airport in early November last year waitin for micheLe's family to arrive...they're in town for several weeks to visit their precious daughter and to generally make life miserable for me (i had to vacate my room for the parents)...ok it wasnt that bad...but y'know what it's like...parents in general just dont go hand in hand with adrock2xander...he's more of a non-parent guy...

But i digress...while sittin in the cafe idly flippin through a Travel Tasmania booklet...i chanced upon a picture of
Wineglass Bay, flanked by Freycinet National Park and Coles Bay...i remember turnin to micheLe sayin, "Damn i wana go there...look at's beautiful!"

The casual remark somehow became a reality as i found myself wakin up on Monday mornin gettin dressed for a trip to Wineglass Bay...non-drivin me had the privelege of keepin Samantha entertained while she drove 2 hours east...

We made a stopover and had some refreshments in the little community of Campbell Town (population 900)

Bricks embedded in the footpath. Each inscribed with the names of convicts, the ship they sailed on, their crimes and the duration of their punishment. It stretched on for over a hundred meters...

Irrefuted proof that Australia's Caucasian folks stemmed from prisoners. *coughs*Jailbirds*coughs*

"I pinched a couple of buns from the deli last week. Please be lenient with me Reverend."

Scenic drive to the east at this time of the year. Was rather warm though. Them bikers were all clad in leather. Crazy if you ask me.

We arrived at the information booth...paid for the day parkin...and had lunch...what a great view for lunch!

This gives a good idea of the steepness and ruggedness of the terrain Samantha and i had to negotiate. It's an hour's ascent and an hour's descent.

Early into the steep ascent...i began to experience difficulties in breathin. A condition ive had since the mid 80s...asthma always comes at the worst moments. Good thing i brought my Ventolin with me...Samantha was very encouragin and stopped every moment or so for me to rest...i didnt think it was very sexy and appealin though...wheezin and coughin with every step i took...a lesser person would have slapped me silly and sent me packin back to base camp...

Asthma or not...i was determined to see Wineglass Bay...

Our destination

From the lookout...there it is. A picture in my mind 3 months a picture before my eyes. We spent bout 15 minutes sittin atop (while catchin my breath) the lookout takin in the view.

I knew it all along. Samantha possesses superhuman strength.
The end of the beach nearer to the path up the mountain is generally 'dirtier'...with footprints and some natural debris dottin the landscape...walk further up and the beach's true potential is realised...the unspoilt stretch of sand was punctuated with a washed up dead bird...some way of welcomin me to the Bay perhaps?

A man-made bench. Pfft.

To the left, Wineglass Bay. To the right, for those with lotsa time to kill and non-asthmatics.

Hikers register their names in this booth and sign out their names when they return. Names that arent signed out at the end of the evenin will be searched for. What? Of course we signed out!

These marsupials have gotten really used to humans in their domain.

Roads in country Australia are littered with dead animals. Tasmania is no different.

Yeah...blood and magic!

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