Friday, December 2

Statement From Singapore

The following is a statement issued by Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs


Nguyen Tuong Van was charged for importation of 396.2 grams of diamorphine or pure heroin into Singapore, under Section 7 of the Misuse of Drugs Act (Chapter 185), which carries the death penalty. Mr Nguyen was convicted as charged and sentenced to death. The Misuse of Drugs Act provides that the death penalty is mandatory if the amount of diamorphine or pure heroin imported exceeds 15g. Mr Nguyen unlawfully brought into Singapore almost 400 grams of diamorphine, enough to supply 26,000 doses of heroin to drug addicts. The street value of the heroin was worth an estimated S$1.3m. Mr Nguyen failed in his appeals to the Court of Appeal and to the President for clemency. The sentence was carried out this morning at Changi Prison.

Ministry of Home Affairs
2 Dec 05

*nods off* Yeah wot? You guys lost me after the word Singapore...

The Middle Ages are resurgent in the tiny Asian country...boycott all Singapore products such as Singapore Airlines, Creative Digital Entertainment, Singapore-made products and Singapore-owned Australian network Optus? I completely agree...for that's the only way the incumbent political party will learn a lesson...when the Singapore economy takes a severe hit from its lack of foreign investors...perhaps Singaporeans receive a wake-up call to dump an internationally-distasteful regime...

Think Saddam...the world had enough of him for over 2 decades...Singapore's incumbent political party is similar to Saddam's regime...a far savvier...capitalist party with equally brutal and bloodthirsty policies...

Join my bandwagon...join adrock2xander...for im a one man middle finger against Singapore since 1997...

Send all the non-English speakin gooks there...for that's what Singapore is anyway...

Shit > Singapore

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