Friday, December 16

Gold Coast - Land Of The Mighty Sun Part One

One word to describe my one week in sunny Queensland - Hot! It's sun...sun and more i couldnt get enough of it in Victoria as it is...micheLe has said i dont know what i want...when it's bloody winter and it's 2 Degrees Celsius at home im cryin out for the sun...but when summer's out in its full glory and it's bayin for my cryin out for winter...says a lot bout the state of my mind doesnt it hehe...

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Im All Peely!

Mr Smarty Pants himself decided he was too macho for sunscreen...went a few days without his best mate SPF 30...and came back to Melbourne lookin like entire body's peelin like a reptilian creature needin to shed its skin...if you thought the front is back's 5 times worse...the entire apartment is buried in my flaky skin...i'll need to vacuum them soon...

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Our apartment had a magnificent view...we paid top dollar anyway...nothin less than the mighty blue sea and golden sand will do...

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In The Day

A hub of activities as seen from the balcony...

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In The Night

The beach never really may be dark but couples are sittin in the sand doin the smoochies...families walk in the sand...schoolies lie drunk...

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Hittin The Sand (minus SPF 30)

That's me before sunburn...never again will i pass on sunscreen again...

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Gold Coast Housing

Unlike Victoria...where houses are mostly of Victorian design (doh!)...houses in Queensland Gold Coast go by the 'anythin goes' creed...

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That's the Superman rollercoaster ride in
Movie World...yes that's an almost vertical drop...hearts in ya mouth i tell ya...unfortunately the ride opens around Christmas...i was bitterly disappointed to have come too year perhaps...

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Public Transport

I thoroughly enjoyed travellin around Gold Coast in public thing the government in Victoria should adopt is the more widespread use of public buses...a cultural and city icon nothwithstandin...i reckon the trams in Melbourne are severely overrated...not only will buses eradicate the rampant fare evadin bug that plagues Melbourne...they're not prone to unreliable arrival times and travel real quick...

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Air Conditioned!

Call me a sucker for lame humor...but i thought this was charmin...signs like this greet many shop patrons throughout Gold Coast...not only have i not slept in an air-conditioned room for 11 months...but air-conditionin just isnt that huge in temperate Melbourne (less summer hehe)...i would swop my lame fan for an air-conditionin unit anytime though...

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Giant Drop

Of trip to the Gold Coast would be complete without an obligatory visit to
Dream World...the mother of all rides sits here in Dream World...firmly seated...we were slowly raised to a height of 39 stories...just as i was gettin comfortable enjoyin the paranomic view of the vicinity...we were plummetted into the ground...i couldnt stop jumpin for the next 5 minutes...they dont call it the tallest free-fallin ride in the world for nothin...

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The Claw

Tacklin mountain trails on my mountain bike or outdoor campin may give me a rush...but gettin sick on rides sure stomach went to town after i got on
The Claw...the ride should have been a precursor of things to come...but i was too stubborn..."Next ride!" i exclaimed...i blame the stupid giant swingin pendulum...

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My stomach and vision completely gave up on me after i tried
WipeOut...spinnin 360 degrees forward...backwards...sideways and diagonally really copped a party in my tummy...let's just say i was wiped out by Wipeout...

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Sick To The Stomach

I spent the next 2 hours sittin down and avoidin foods...the nausea was right up here in my throat...good thing i brought my motion sickness pills...i felt heaps better after that...but powers in the world would get me back on WipeOut...word...

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