Sunday, August 7

adrock2xander's Sex Tour of Melbourne/Australia Part 1
adrock2xander is 6 months 8 days without a cigarette.
Profitting BIG TIME through eBay: 146 days left.

One of the benefits that many people in the free First World countries enjoy is a liberal and legal adult industry (eat that Singapore)...Ive decided to use these few years i have here to do some sex-vestigation of my own...

I'd taken my opportunity here in Australia to not just visit the myriad of adult shops, brothels and online datin sites to get a feel of what it's really like to be single, lonely and fuckin horny...

One of the best sex-capades for bi-curious and bi-sexual women is a
3D2N sex-fest provided by the good people of'd signed up with the site just to have a peek at what's goin on with the friendly gay community...i gota say my experience with the women has been nothin but awesome...there're quite a few lesbians in uni...and i tell ya nothin beats listenin to a few dykes swoppin female bondage stories over a mocha...

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Imagine to my surprise when one of my lesbian friends handed me a flyer for the sex-fest...turns out she's goin for's one thing to be cheeky with a converted heterosexual man (i'll get to my experimental phase in another story)...but to be given a flyer to a lesbian-fest is like gettin a shovel when all you need is a spoon...

This is the itinerary for the sex-fest...

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Firstly...erotic massage? *coyly* Cmoonnnnnnn...why the discrete? The company is better off with some fine prints that leaves nothin left to the imagination...

Secondly...look at the menu. anyone signin up for the food? Fuck me...if im gay and there're 39 other horny gays in a room...i'll be smotherin food on them and lickin it off them...which leads to *voice fades*

Lastly...check out the ammenities! What wonderful views of the Blue Mountain! Freakin 5 acres of lesbian orgies! Crikeys! I'm creamin in my pants just thinkin of it...

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