Wednesday, May 4

X-Men 3

Rumor has it that ex-footballer and my beloved Leeds United star Vinnie Jones is due to star in X-Men 3 as Juggernaut...yes...Vinnie Jones of
Lock, Stock & 2 Smokin Barrels and Eurotrip fame...chances are you'll hear him before you see him...he's not vintage Vinnie without his British accent and vulgarities...

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Vinnie Jones (second from right) in the hilarious Eurotrip.

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Juggernaut is all brawn and no brain...i reckon Vinnie's the perfect person to play it...he's ugly and seethin with anger...

The word's still out...but director Bryan Singer's droppin hints that X-Men 3's plot's gona revolve around the Dark Phoenix/Jean Gray X-Men 2...we learnt that Jean's powers have been surgin since Magneto's failed mutation attempt at Liberty Island...and her sudden disappearance towards the end of the movie just spells D-A-R-K P-H-O-E-N-I-X...for casual viewers...this is no biggie but for Marvel fanatics like me it's a clear nod to the classic storyline...

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The tormented Jean Gray as Dark Phoenix.

Wowzers...there's Fantastic Four...Spiderman 3...Punisher...X-Men 3...what next? Avengers?

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