Sunday, May 8

RMIT Email Sucks Ballz
adrock2xander is 3 months 9 days without a cigarette.

The RMIT student server email system was hacked into today...loggin on this afternoon...i was amused to find this message...

"XTech Inc ownz - students - y0u suck - RMIT University Melbourne Australia"

For a split second i thought my email has been hacked into...then after consultin fellow mates of was an unanimous decision...RMIT's server suck fuckin ballz...

The RMIT server has been programmed not to allow students access to their own email sites eg. Hotmail...Yahoo...due to its strict 'What-If-Your-Emails-Bring-In-Some-Virus-To-Our-Systems' all its preachin and sermons...the pastor finds itself with a cheap prostitute in the confession room...fuckin their eyeballs out...

Way to go RMIT!! We students deserve your support!! Now what do we do? Sit at home and wait for RMIT IT folks to tinker with the system while we fail our fuckin assignments???

Thank you dimwits!

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