Wednesday, May 4

Old news is better than no news.
adrock2xander is 3 months 5 days without a cigarette.

It's old news...but it's still news...and when old news is still news to's news...

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My heart aches...of all the men out there in the world...she simply had to date him...

Should i just remove her from my
Top 10 list...i mean...she could have picked me!! ME!! But Tom the Short Fuck? WTF...

What does Tom have that i dont?

a) Height - she wants a short man...hey im Asian! Ive got a short penis! Im ya man Katie!
b) Money - hey im an International Student! That means my family's rich enough to send me overseas! That means im rich! Im ya man Katie!
c) Sex - Tom has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world...but so what? Ive got a short penis! Im ya man Katie!
d) Companionship - ive had 7 relationships in the last 8 years! That averages to 1 woman a year! Im ya man Katie!
e) Security - No one bothers an Asian in Melbourne coz we cant speak English! Stick with me and you'll never have anyone buggin you! Im ya man Katie!
f) Humor - Ive got a short penis! Im ya man Katie!
g) Intelligence - Tom married a taller woman once! Im never married and i like my women shorter! Im ya man Katie!

Please think bout it again Katie...Tom isnt the right one for ya...

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