Thursday, May 5

Liz = Refreshin Cola! Brand New Taste!
adrock2xander is 3 months 6 days without a cigarette.

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The wacky
Liz Lawson of Philadelphia City in good old Star-Spangled Banner-Land has just linked me to her site...she must have a private detective trackin my online activities...well it's no secret ive been readin her site with alarmin regularity...stumblin upon her site was one thing...laughin at her crazy remarks is bettin on how long she's able to keep up with her zany sense of humor...chances are her posts will die down once she:

a) graduates
b) finds a proper job
c) finds a proper man

d) whichever comes first
e) all of the above

Until then...Liz is my new black...and still tryin to figure you out...

P.S: Hey Liz...dont ever be afraid of failure...sure NYC scares ya...but damnit thousands of people cant even get a Green Card in have a bloody opportunity and a God-given right coz ya an American!...Wata hell...i say you go for it girlfriend...

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