Tuesday, April 12

Dodgy is the Weather
adrock2xander is 2 months 13 days without a cigarette.

The weather bureau folks in Melbourne must be the most overworked and hated people...their predictions are almost never accurate and i find myself bringin a sweater on a hot autumn day...

Case in point...


adrock2xander's Art of Survival #90 - Extra sweater/top is essential...unless you wana wear a Batsuit with em frozen nipples showin...

In my post a month ago...i did a
city checklist on Melbourne...and 2 of em were on the fickle weather that annoys every Melburnian...

Storm clouds over the city

That's taken at Yarra Bend on Sunday...and the city skyline of Melbourne in the background...where it rained all day everyday and temperatures plummeted from a gut-wrenchin 34.5 degrees...almost unheard of...considerin it's dead in the middle of autumn...to 21.8 degrees in 4 hours...that's right...an almost 13 degrees drop in 4 hours...

WTF...i absolutely cant adjust to this...look Mr Fickle-Weather! If you wana be sunny...so be it! Dont rain...and blow em gusty winds at me...and dont fuckin drop ya temperature too! Some of us are in fuckin singlets and shorts! My nipples and balls are freezin as it is!

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