Wednesday, March 23

Short and fat man trading cards!

I had a relatively crazy day so im in the mood for talkin excuse me if i come across as a General Yamashita...

This just in from the
purring and fidgety feline...who apparently has too much time on her hands...what with her changin her blog URL and experiencin template problems...

"So, when I say I want someone who’s 1.7m in height, 70kg and above and doesn’t live with his mummy, I was wrong. I want someone I have chemistry with. It doesn’t matter if he’s a midget or a one legged leper - as long as sparks fly when we’re together, he’s the one I want. "

Someone hand me a kleenex coz im bout to bawl my eyes out... ya still hoo hoo...cry me a river...bridge over troubled waters...i have nothin but sympathies for ya...but are you takin a serious reality check here?

Why would ANY woman date a man who's ONLY 170cm tall? No disrespect to ya ya short...but would you really wana snuggle and rest ya long tresses and heavy head on a man who's a complete midget in a statuesque world? A world that's dominated by women whose sole aim in life is to oppress men into humbleness? You need a fuckin man who can stand up for himself...lift you on his shoulders when ya fuckin in the pits...stand head and shoulders with bean poles in an
Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan concert so he could tell you what's happenin on the stage...a tall man always gets first props...short men get the short end of the fuckin stick...

True...tall men have long and lithe penises...i guess some women could live with that...i knew if im a woman i wouldnt...coz i like em thick and veiny...but who am i to each his/her own...but would you rather have a long and lithe penis attached to ya main squeeze or would you rather have a short and stubby excuse of an anatomy? If he aint into shavin his pubes...his pubes would most likely be the dense foliage that camouflages his short baton...and now you wouldnt like to hack away at the trees and shrubs with a cleaver just to pleasure him do ya? :O

And what is...these days...a healthy weight for men? Envision a 70kg man who towers over little kids but is nothin but a midget...that sounds alot like a fat man to me...

Consider adrock2xander:

180cm (that's 5'11" for Americans)...75kg (that's 165 pounds for Americans...notice the pattern?)...i look healthy and am lean and trim...but take those figures and Asian
BMI ('s now a verb) it...and what becomes of me? IM OVERWEIGHT!!!

If im overweight...what of your ideal man FF? Do you really wana date a short and fat man? And since we're at gona have to throw in bald as well...since they fit the public stereotype...

And im not even gettin into secondary physical traits...(read: body odor...breath etc.)

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