Tuesday, March 8

Place i call home
adrock2xander is 1 month 8 days without a cigarette.

It's been 2 weeks. 2 weeks of Uni life that is. Wow.

After strugglin to get around the campus...arrivin in a huge lecture hall with 400 pairs of peepers starin at this weird Chink with purple hair...gettin to a tutorial on time...and just settlin into 'school mode' again...i can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief...

It hasnt been easy i must tell ya...but the easy part has just breezed by me...rather unfortunately :(

I'd just stepped out of a tutorial with a shakin head of disbelief...turns out some of the Aussies are so fuckin far ahead in their readin they're scorin heaps of brownie points with the tutor...i want a portion of that pie too you fools!

But i cant fault them...the days i spent tryin to assimilate into campus life came at a small price...i havnt done any readin or prepared an essay proposal...

It's a big jump...tryin to devour the Australian political and media scene within a matter of weeks...everythin that ive known in Singapore just goes flyin out of the window...coz over here there isnt an incumbent political party...censorship isnt practiced...politics and swearin go in tandem...it's funny when you think about it...the vast differences in the way both countries are being governed...so fuckin sad Singapore is...

Im beginnin to enjoy the experience here...goin to Uni is like an adventure camp in itself...the walk to the tram stop...the tram ride to Uni...hangin out with people who speaks proper English (reality check Singaporeans!)...and just mundane everyday chores...hell even shoppin for groceries is fun!

Somehow i cant help but feel like im 16 again...thumbin my nose against the walls of youth and grindin out results...i still get the odd "WTF you are 26? You sure dont look it! Why are you in Uni?" jibe...in restrospect i think it's all good...a constant reminder of how young you LOOK cant be that bad cant it?

Or is it?

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