Friday, March 4


I have a confession to make.

Last week i decided to run for Student's Representative in Year 1 of my program.

I won it.

None of my mates...less micheLe and gavin...are aware of my political ambitions and burnin capacity to succeed on a non-Singapore level. You see...ive outgrown wait...Singapore has outgrown me...26 years livin under a shell and gettin berated by a close-minded government has moulded me into a nonsense one-man army who knows what he a belligerent Asian go-getter who's gona smack any Caucasians down hard when it comes to talkin gona bring you down to Chinatown if you think ya 19yo gullible one-sided lobe of a brain is gona use racism and public stereotypes to put me down...

Most Singaporeans would consider this a political transgression.

*gasps* "No! You are from a conservative society! What would the Government think if they catch you burnin the Singapore flag?"

"26 years of rigid and authoritarian way of livin obviously hasnt taught you ought to be ashamed of yaself..."

"But you are a Singapore Chinese! Never forget ya roots! Never forget ya native language!"

Im gona be a pro-person...everythin i do is gona be an extension of my personality and gona give back to the students what i was deprived of back in Singapore...

Pro-abortion at 16!

Pro-Women's Suffrage and Rights!

Free Speech!

That's that Singapore? Im gona be smackin you real hard in my tenure here...while most Singaporeans sign up for the Singapore Club with aplomb and gona lambast and flame you so hard you wont even have time to put them lube up ya arse...

My anger towards Singapore and her people has little to do with their conservative positions on defense and fact...i do not think there are more countries out there who're more successful or capable than Singapore...however...the government's obvious mediocre intelligence insulted my sense of intellectual elitism...i refuse to wax lyrical and hark for a government i consider less intellectually capable than myself...

That's right PAP (the People's Action Party...political party with right-wing leanings and graduates of the School of Tyranny)...i reckon i would run the country better than you do...let's see how many oppressed students i would leave trailin in my wake when i graduate yeah?

But on a fun a Student Rep.


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